Root Girl, or we made a game!

Last weekend I was at the Global Game Jam and made a game.

Click the image to play in your Browser

Root Girl is a jump, swing and run platformer that is set in a jungle environment. Your goal is to swing through the levels and is to reach the flag at the end. Originally, we wanted to make a puzzle platformer, but realized halfway through that we would not be able to finish in time as more features and mechanics would be required. This idea included two main characters called Root Boy and Liana Girl with some root attaching and rope swinging mechanics and they would have to work as a team to beat the levels. The solution was to shift our focus to what you can play now.. just Root Girl.

We settled on the name as Root Girl as the theme of the Jam was chosen as Roots

Root Boy and Liana Girl

Root Girl is written in the Godot Engine and can compile as HTML page. A Windows .exe file is attached to our Jam Page and the source code is available on GitHub.

Let me know in the comment section about your time and high score.